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Carole Nash International Classic Motorcycle Show

My guest on stage all weekend for Stafford show made life easy. Two days on stage with the ever easy-going British/World Superbike Champion and GP winner….. Troy Bayliss.

Known Troy since 1998 when he first came UK but of course only probably seen him couple times in last few years. Still had to do some homework as he’s now been retired 9 years and i like to be prepared when on stage.

As expected Troy very popular and there were many waiting to listen all six time we appeared on stage to chew the fat over his career, opinions of modern day racing, racers and generally his life now on the Australian gold coast.

The Bonhams auction being massive as always certainly creates massive interest with big names arriving to purchase special machines, even F1 stars fly in being 2-wheeled fans.

With the sun beaming down over the weekend my job grilling the collectors/enthusiasts about their pride & joy before they start them up for everybody to listen in the Classic GP paddock included some modern GP bikes, beautiful 500 gp bikes, Norton Rotaries, R7 Yamahas, G50’s, various Triumphs, TZ250 & 750’s, various BSA’s and many others.

Good thing for me, I get many offers to ride some of these and stupidly agree to race some classic sidecars plus an invite to Aberdere July 29/30th, my first time there. Next stop though Oulton Park BSB.

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