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Mike Hailwood Tribute - Castle Coombe

Long Drive after a days riding the DirtQuake Kings Lynn but always a pleasure to be in Wiltshire especially one of the most picturesque villages in the UK.

Arriving quite late at the Castle Coombe Inn and looking forward to a shower then pint or two after a fun day, the landlord not only had no booking for me but no spare rooms also. Not the Inn’s fault, mistake by the circuit but fortunately Sir Robin Millar also a guest kindly asked the landlord put single bed in his room saving me from searching the area for some sleep…. What a gentleman!

Castle Coombe only hosts one motorcycle event each year now with growing noise issues from some selfish locals. The event blessed with sunshine and very well organised enjoyed a record crowd with various big names parading and wandering round the paddock.

Triumph triple that Gary Johnson won a Junior-TT on and a Rotary Norton were the two machines I’d been asked to parade. Unfortunately the Norton was dropped whilst being loaded into the van and breaking the front brake day before.

Some great Classic bikes on show and Japanese classic also but for me high light of the day must be the 250 GP bikes. Freddie Spencer, McGuinness, Bruce Anstey, Guy Martin, Glen Richards and many others watched as around 20 bikes all screamed off the line to race round the track, a great sound with gorgeous 2-stroke aroma in the air!

Bumped into many old faces, racers and old friends haven’t seen for years including Mac McDiarmid who wrote Whitham & Granty’s books. Great journalist now retired and just bought lovely villa in Italy.

The Triumph’s great super sport machine, last time I rode anything like it would have been World Supersport many years ago for the ParkinGo team. Few laps cruising round waving to the crowd and soaking up the atmosphere. Hopefully i’ll get an invite back next year.

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