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Dabbled at Speedway years ago….. as a fifteen year old and always felt more natural on that machinery than road racing. Over the years been regular Flat-Track racing whenever possible including some instructing.

North One TV produce great coverage IOM-TT Moto-GP and now DirtQuake, promoting one the most fun, low-cost forms of two-wheeled motorsport. There invitation very quickly had a big yes all over it, even better they were organising the bike.

First off I was to ride a Norton but when mechanical gremlins ended that ride Harley Davidson very kindly jumped in. Now I confess to never riding any of their machines before on tarmac let alone round a shale oval.

On arriving Kings Lynn Speedway very late I only had time to quickly sign-on, get changed into my (Power-Ranger) kevlar suit before throwing a leg over the Harley for few laps practice. This being the only practice before two heat races, pleasantly surprised how well the big bike felt. Finished 2nd in both my heats and watched many of the other heats just to check out the track & how others were getting on before the big Final.

Foggy being one of the other guests riding a Triumph certainly lost none of his competitive spirit…. crashing heavily into the fence Saturday afternoon desperately trying a last-lap move fighting for second place…… fortunately unhurt. He didn’t fare so well from his Sunday crash though!

On to the Final and there were some seasoned campaigners all riding the same Harley Street Rod’s, Pete Boast, Glyn Pocklington and Tim Neave. Tim had won the big Pro-Final on Friday smoking everybody, great rider and also great Superstock 600 racer at BSB.

Now a dream start put me in the lead and of course this race day for me is just a little fun putting on a great show. Tim past me on back straight but was not a problem to stay with him…… passing was going to be a much bigger adventure. As the laps passed all I could think about….. Foggy piling into the fence.

Proceeded to follow Tim Neave over the finish line happily 2nd place on the podium without kissing the fence.

No time to collect a trophy….. in the car and driving down to Castle Coombe for tomorrows Mile Hailwood Tribute meeting.

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