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Breaking my Neck - second opinion

The worst part for me with this whole situation was that I had to contact Honda to advise I will not be able to go Qatar for them at the weekend for the new Fireblade launch... looking after the press with the legend Freddie Spencer.

Honda very quickly explained not to worry and concentrate on my recovery, they even organised for me to see top Spinal Specialist (Mr Leach) in Manchester for a second opinion.

Two days later I’m driving to Manchester for an MRI scan before meeting Mr Leach, a great fella who quickly put my mind at rest...

He explained the severity of my injury, however everything was in line, stable and more importantly with no ligament damage... no surgery was needed.

That was good news, even though I have three weeks in this collar... unless at home, before x-rays, and physiotherapy.

I should be back to “Perfection!” in eight weeks, but unfortunately missing our annual dirt-biking trip to France at the beginning of March.

Thank you to all the well wishers calling/messaging... very humbled!

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